Mohammad Ali Talpur
  Mohammad Ali Talpur’s current body of work stemmed from his desire to make “art without content” — to go to back to the craft of drawing. Sitting on the rooftop of his studio, he began tracing the flight paths of birds with felt tip on paper. This developed into his current series of work where he meditatively, sometimes obsessively, immerses himself in the line: closely woven, intense clusters of lines in ink on paper, and acrylic on canvas. His lines loosen, yet his works maintain their woven quality in his machine drawings series, where he manipulates a printing press used to produce school exercise books.

Mohammad Ali graduated from Lahore’s National College of Arts with a BFA in 1998. His work has been exhibited internationally, most recently in Dubai, and in France at The Espace Louis Vuitton. Mohammad Ali lives and works in Lahore.