Mohammad Ali Talpur
  gallery:space, McKenzie Pavillion, Finsbury Park, 13th July 2007 to 29th July 2007
  Tuesday - Sunday 11am to 6pm

  A solo exhibition of works by Mohammad Ali Talpur: in his current body of work, Talpur explores the concept of drawing through multiple approaches and in various media. Turning his back on content and post-modern discourse, the artist examines ideas of boundaries and confinement by immersing himself in the mechanics and process of the formation of lines.
A projected video follows the artist as he manipulates a mechanical printing press – used ordinarily to produce school exercise books – to create drawings that vary from tightly woven lines to unravelled grids. The sounds of the printer in the film echo the obsessive repetition the artist practises within his art. Although produced by a machine, the work registers a strong presence of the artist’s hand and his desire to subvert the predictable.
In Talpur’s Leeka drawings with ink on paper, the lines become textural and more tactile. Challenging convention, Talpur’s Bird Drawings, tracing the flight path of birds with felt tip on paper are an even braver adventure in drawing. With release of control on the outcome, his work loosens and the sparse lines become intriguingly abstract, organic and vulnerable.
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